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    Folding Portable Iron Compact

    $48.95 USD
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    ⭐ Portable and lightweight, has a flat foldable shape, which make it easy to carry and use.
    ⭐ Double ironing position, perfect for quick ironing when you don't have much space to use a standard iron, reaches areas that are hard for a standard iron.
    ⭐ Adjustable temperature, there are six temperatures settings to fit different fabrics.
    ⭐ Multi-function, can be used to select fabric types:
         ✓ Polyester polyester fabric 230F (110°C)
         ✓ Silk fabric (124°C)
         ✓ The wool is (135°C)
         ✓ Cotton fabric - T-shirt (165°C)
         ✓ Cowboy (176°C)
         ✓ Linen linen (176°C)
    ⭐ Can be used for big areas of clothing, you can extend it to make short work of long trousers or big sheets. And for smaller areas such as collars, you can clip the ironing area back up and really get into those tricky to reach bits. That handy!
    ⭐ No need to use water, works effectively by just plug-in it.

    🏮 Product details:
    Color: Black
    Size: 13*4*9cm

    🏮 Package contents:
    1x Folding portable iron compact

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